Making Europe a wilder place

Join the growing rewilding movement

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Making Europe a wilder place

Join the growing rewilding movement

We want to make Europe a wilder place, with more space for wild nature, wildlife and natural processes.
In bringing back the variety of life, we will continue to explore new ways for people to enjoy and earn a fair living from the wild.

Rewilding helps to reconnect us with nature, and ensure our well being.
See what nature can do for you, and you for nature.

Join us in creating a wilder Europe, providing benefits that we can all share. Support rewilding!

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Join us in making Europe a Wilder Place!

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Call for a Wilder Europe

Why is rewilding vital in Europe?

Our ecosystems need to recover

We not only need to protect nature, we also need to restore it. Many ecosystems – the basis of our natural wealth – are broken. Rewilding offers a historical opportunity to recover them. Robust and connected ecosystems make us more resilient to impacts of climate change.

We need keystone species

These vital species, including top predators and large herbivores, drive ecological processes. Wildlife is now making a comeback in Europe, but numbers are still low. Rewilding will accelerate their recovery and restore important food chains and trophic cascades.

Wilder nature as an ally

Naturally functioning ecosystems are better at providing us with clean air and water, preventing flooding, storing carbon and helping us to adapt to climate change. Rewilding links ecology with modern economies, where wilder nature acts as an ally in solving modern socio-economic issues.

Communities benefit

Rewilding boosts local economies where alternatives are scarce. We work towards situations where nature tourism flourishes and local people earn a fair living from nature-based enterprises. This will help revitalizing both rural and urban communities.

Wild places inspire people

Experiencing the thrill of wild nature reconnects people with our living planet. This improves health and wellbeing and builds a shared sense of humanity and pride, both on the countryside and in cities.

Nature’s ways are cost-effective

We believe that nature is fully capable of taking care of itself. This means letting natural processes shape our landscapes and ecosystems, instead of people actively managing that often requires high, recurrent costs. Self-regulating landscapes are more sustainable in the long run.

Want to get involved?

Working on making Europe a wilder place, Rewilding Europe is always looking to collaborate with conservation organisations, public or private institutions, foundations, companies and private individuals.

Partner with us

Companies can engage in Rewilding Europe’s initiative by become a strategic, corporate or financial partner. We invite you to contact Willem Nolens, Head of Finance & Operations.

Rewilding Europe Capital

We support the development of nature-based businesses through Rewilding Europe Capital. We welcome private individuals, companies and investors to collaborate and invest in making Europe a wilder place.

Rewilding Network

Should you be an entrepreneur, conservation or business initiative that shares our rewilding principles, we warmly welcome you to join our European Rewilding Network.

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