Saving Europe's Bears

Italy, Croatia, Greece

Bruno D`Amicis

Saving Europe's Bears

Italy, Croatia, Greece

Human intervention can be a lifeline for individual animals and entire species. Across Italy, Croatia and Greece, rewilding teams find ways for bears and people to live together. These efforts will allow the bears to spread in the continent’s wildest locations.  

Bears. This adaptable, iconic species is present in an astounding array of habitats. They have colonised some of the most challenging landscapes on the planet, from arctic tundra, to tropical forest and mountain ranges.

Symbols of the wilderness, the bear is most commonly associated with the great/plains and dense forests of North America. Yet Europe is now home to more bears than the entire lower 48 States. About 16,000 brown bears live on this continent –  many in its more remote regions. But some bears are managing to seek out an existence right on the edge of Europe’s most popular tourist spots and well known cities. 




Establishing coexistence corridors

In the Central Apennines rewilding area Rewilding Europe is working with local partners to develop large “coexistence corridors” by connecting the local economy with wilder nature. Within these corridors local communities will learn to live alongside wildlife.

Actions in the field are focused on reducing bear mortality and conflict, supporting nature-based enterprises in and around corridor areas, and raising awareness amongst local communities and people visiting the area. This will benefit not only the wildlife populations but also the quality of nature and nature-related experiences.


Natural grazing

Over the last 50 years, the Velebit mountains and Lika plain have undergone dramatic change. As farmers abandon their land in favour of city life. This exodus of people hasn’t benefited wildlife. But the rewilding team is transforming these challenges into opportunities for nature. They‘ve introduced large grazers -like the robust Konick and Bosnian horses- to clear out the abandoned and overgrown areas.

This huge landscape transformation is creating an environment for other species to thrive. Natural grazing is an important ecological process which Rewilding Europe now supports in 21 different pilot areas across nine countries.


Partners involved

Discover the Central Apennines & Velebit Mountains for yourself

As part of helping to build local, nature-based economies we believe that nature travel is one way to support the rewilding of these areas. The European Safari Company offers you the opportunity to experience the stunning landscapes and spectacular wildlife of our rewilding areas, while at the same time ensuring sustainable travel and helping nature and local communities.

Heavily committed to providing clients with access to wilder nature, local cultures, spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife experiences, the European Safari Company differentiates itself through its strong connection and support for rewilding and nature-based economies.

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